Best PC Cases: Tested Best Budget Gaming PC Case For Airflow

Best PC Cases: Tested Best Budget Gaming PC Case For Airflow

The best PC cases can do a lot more than just house your computer components and keep them safe. They can provide great airflow, cooling, storage options, and even RGB lighting. If you’re in the market for a new best budget gaming PC case with great airflow, be sure to read our review of the best gaming PC cases to find the perfect one for your needs. We’ve tested all the features, and concluded our list of perfect recommendations. Typically, PC cases come in many different shapes and sizes to fit on your desk in a gaming room. The case is the enclosure that holds all of the components of your computer from the motherboard to the CPU, to the graphics card.

There are a lot of different types of people who need the best gaming PCs. Some people just want a good system that they can use to play games and work at the same time, while others want to build the best possible machine for their competitive and professional-gaming to not lose anything that might advantage their winning. Similarly, there are a lot of different types of best PC cases, from a variety of brands with different materials and styles, and ranging from budget to expensively chassis to more features and extra luxury builds from aluminum or steel, so it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

PC Cases are an important part of any PC and come in all different shapes and sizes, with a range of features and prices. From traditional tower cases to sleek, glass-design cases, there’s a case for everyone. Some PC cases come with RGB Lighting from strips and RGB Case Fans for adding an extra layer of visual appeal. They house everything from the motherboard to the CPU Coolers, and they have a lot of different sockets and connectors on them. Whether you’re looking for a stylish way to show off your PC components or something more functional that can keep your system safe, there’s a case to fit your needs.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best gaming PC cases on the market and why they are worth your consideration. Everything matters in PC gaming, not just for professionals, but also for casual gaming, which is also considered one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and for good reason. PCs offer a vast array of hardware options for gamers to choose from, but they also allow for immersive and breathtaking experiences that can only be had on a computer. While there are many different types of PCs out there, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses, one type that has always been favored by gamers is the gaming PC case.

Best PC Cases For Gaming Builds At A Glance:

  1. Phanteks Eclipse P360A
  2. Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact
  3. Be Quiet Dark Base 700
  4. Corsair Carbide 275R
  5. MSI MPG Sekira 500X
  6. Lian Li Q58 PC Case
  7. Antec Torque PC Case
  8. Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2

Best PC Cases For Airflow (Budget Gaming Cases)

Phanteks Eclipse P360A
Phanteks Eclipse P360A (Image credit: Amazon)

Phanteks Eclipse P360A

Best budget gaming PC case


Form Factor: | Mid-tower ATX Motherboard Support: | ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, E-ATX (up to 280mm) Card Length Supported: | 400mm (15.7 inches) Storage Support: | 2x 3.5-inch, 3x 2.5-inch (2 included) Included Fans: | 2 Dimension: | 200 x 465 x 455mm (WxHxD)


Most daring mid-tower design

Front I/O has D-RGB LED controler.

Adjustable vertical GPU layout

280mm max radiator support

Two color options are white and black.

Value for cooling


Vertical GPU bracket required.

Fine mesh without dust filter.

When you need a case that can handle a variety of coolers, well-designed with lots of RGBs, the Phanteks Eclipse P360A PC case is a perfect choice. We have tested the Phanteks Eclipse P360A and we can attest that it is indeed a well-designed case from Phanteks. The case is slightly larger than the typical mid-tower cases but has enough room for most of the components needed for your builds such as a 400mm GPU, and an extra water cooling system. In design, it is a mid-tower computer case that offers great value for the price. It has an abundance of features and includes an RGB controller, making it perfect for anyone who wants to fancy their system.

The P360A is also a very well-built case, our rigorous lab testing suggests that it is very well-built with a spacious interior, to house a single Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, or ATX motherboard. The interior has plenty of room for multiple PC fans, which means we can build it as an air-cooled machine with fans or a radiator chuck with multiple water cooling systems, ad even make a hybrid of the two. The ample space can accommodate up to five 120mm fans, two of which can mount on the top, two in front, and one in the back. Similarly, you can have two 140mm fans on top and front instead of 120mm, while the rear one is only available with 120mm fittings.

Moving on to the radiator selection, which is personally preferred and tested for this case, allows us to mount a waterblock for the CPU on the top location which allows a maximum length of 240mm, as well as another water block for GPU with a maximum range of 280mm for vertical alignment at the front, which is more than enough for modern high-end RTX3090 Ti and AMD RX7000XT to be used with a fully qualified liquid cooling system. If you are concerned about the quality, the Eclipse P360A material is without a doubt sturdy and has steel chassis overall with a mesh front and tempered glass side panel, which makes it a durable and reliable product making a good impression on aesthetics and airflow which is also uncompromised and loaded with dust filtration.

Performance-wise, the P360A has been tested by our lab and it performed great on all the gaming and stress tests we ran on it. With fans only cooling it performs excellently even combines with the beefy processor and a high-end graphics card, it can be stable in stressful times when you are playing for hours with the excellent airflow design that maintains low temperatures. The P360A also has plenty of room for cable management, which is a good feature considering that this case is a value-for-money choice.

The superb construction quality and plenty of room for high-end components. There is plenty of room for maximum-size graphics cards up to 15.7 inches long, and it accommodates ATX motherboards and standard PSU. The P360A is also very well-ventilated, so you should experience minimal noise within the situation even at high loads. The two fans are optional to the 2 included fans placed at the front of the case with colorful RGB. It means plenty of cooling for all other components.

We have tested its capacity for incredible gaming rigs, and the P360A has proven itself to be a great value for gamers. If you are looking for a high-end gaming PC, this case will serve you well. Other than the great aesthetics for cooling and RGBs, we also tested its cooling performance with a Corsair H110i GTX liquid cooler. The P360A can hold up to a 14-core Intel i9-12900TE Processor, a powerful AMD Ryzen 9 7000X processor, and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti video card. If you are looking for a case with RGBs and cooling, this is the one to go for.

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(Image credit: Amazon)

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact

Best small ATX case for compact builds


Form Factor: | Mid-tower ATX Motherboard Support: | ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX Card Length Supported: | 341mm (360mm without front fan) Storage Support: | 2x 3.5-inch, 4x 2.5-inch (2 included) Included Fans: | 3 Dimension: | 210 x 475 x 424mm (WxHxD)


Compact and stylish mid-size case.

Excellent ventilation with great cooling options.

Versatile and efficient ATX form-factor design.

Dust filters on top, front, and bottom shrouds

Excellent cable management system.


The side panel is a little flimsy (maybe particular).

Missing RGB lighting and PWM control for fans.

The Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact PC Case is a small, compact case that can accommodate most mini-ITX and Micro-ATX and standard ATX motherboards. It has a tempered glass side panel and two preinstalled 120mm fans, making it ideal for building high-end gaming or multimedia PCs. The Meshify 2 also comes with an easy-to-use installation kit and includes support for up to 360mm radiators. It has several features that make it ideal for builders of custom PCs, including a modular design, space for up to ten expansion slots, and support for liquid cooling. I’ve always been a fan of the Meshify series from Fractal Design and this small case is no exception for quality built, cooling, and compactness.

When you need the best gaming build, the Meshify 2 Compact PC Case is just the right choice, and help gamer not to worry about the space on the desk. It is suggested by us as the enthusiast’s chassis with the dimensions of 5.6″ x 4.9″ x 11.7″, allowing the case to be as compact as beautiful, which is not only compatible for workstations building but also ideal for high-end gaming or multimedia PCs. The Meshify 2 Compact PC Case is equipped with three 120mm intake fans and two 140mm exhaust fans for maximum cooling performance. The Meshify 2 Compact PC Case provides great airflow thanks to its large 140mm intake fan and three 120mm included fans.

Our conclusion for the Meshify 2 Compact PC Case is straightforward. It is for gaming and multimedia build and it is one of the most compact and stylish ATX cases available on the market. It is compact, stylish, and quiet, so ideal for high-end gaming builds, and can also be used for a lot of different builds for editing machines, deep learning rigs, 3D architecture design, and development. Your investment for this case is worth it because you will have a very high-end compact gaming/media machine at your disposal. It is brilliant, so we give this a good title of compact PC case for multiple genres of gaming and media machines.

Be Quiet Dark Base 700
Be Quiet Dark Base 700 (Image credit: Amazon)

Be Quiet Dark Base 700

Best Quietest PC case


Form Factor: | Mid-tower ATX Motherboard Support: | ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, E-ATX (30.5 x 27.5cm)  Card Length Supported: | 360mm (14.1 inches) Storage Support: | 3x 3.5-inch, 9x 2.5-inch (3 included) Included Fans: | 2 Dimension: | 544 x 241 x 519mm (WxHxD)


Good build quality for silent PC case

RGB LEDs with 6 switchable colors

Reverse ATX motherboard capable

4-step dual-rail fan controller

Two 140mm PWM fans included

Neat and tidy system building

Front I/O featured fan control slider

Edge-to-edge tempered glass side panel


Only three drive cages included


When it comes to the best gaming cases, few can top the Be Quiet Dark Base 700. This mid-tower case is perfect for those who want a sleek and stylish design with plenty of room to store your hardware. Plus, its feature set is simply amazing for silent and performance builds. From its quiet fans to its excellent cooling capabilities, this case has it all to impress users. So if you’re in the market for a great gaming case, look no further than the Be Quiet Dark Base 700 PC Case when you need a quiet case that offers fully controllable fans for noise reduction. We’ve tested it and we’ve found it’s legit which makes us put the title of the best silent case which offers a lot of features for what it’s worth.

Dark Base 700, is the latest addition to the currently popular line of models from Be Quiet, which includes the Dark Base Pro and Dark Base 900, those are a little over the expensive side than 700. We tested the Dark Base 700 model and found it reasonable for silent PC gamers who prefer low-noise PC cases for media to ensure maximum sound quality. Moving to the built material quality, the material selection includes SECC steel, aluminum, and high-quality plastic that are strong enough for all types of heavy builds, ranging from air-cooled fans to water cooling systems loads.

The inside room is suitable for a large E-ATX under 30.5 x 27.5cm dimensions, while it can take an ATX, M-ATX, and Mini-ITX for a sure compact approach for a choice. This can be seen through the side panel that is transparent with 4mm tempered glass. On the front side, there are hidden LEDs built into the edges that are also controllable with the I/O, which houses 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 3.1 Type C, mic, headphone jack, RGB control switch, and a 4-step fan controller that uses 6x 4-pin PWM hub. Although there are two pre-installed fans, in this case, a SilentWings 3 140mm at the front offers a max breeze of 1600RPM and a similar kind at the rear of the case.

You can equip this chassis with up to 5 more fans for optimal airflow. This can house a max cooler of 180mm in height and support a max graphics card length of 286mm which can be extended once the HDD cage is removed which we do recommend when going for a triple-fan GPU to settle with a room of 430mm. It is a thing that most silent PC cases need liquid cooling to maintain silence at no compromise on cooling, the Be Quiet Dark Base 700 tower certainly has that kind of interior, you can drop a PSU of length 150-285mm, a radiator of 360mm at front side, a 360mm at top and modest 140mm at the rear.

With all that and more features, we have to say, the Be Quiet Dark Base 700 PC case, is a must-have for any PC enthusiast and gamers who need a completely silent performance. This Mid-Tower Case comes equipped with a 700W cooling solution and includes four fans to keep your system cool and quiet, while the black and silver design will complement any gaming setup. With its easy installation and generous interior space, the Dark Base 700 is perfect for any medium to large-sized gaming PC that is a solid choice for building a high-end gaming PC with great space for components.

In the overall expression and testing, the Be Quiet Dark Base 700 is a basic but well-designed case that offers good value for money in the entry-level and mid-range segment, and it comes with RGB lights too. The 6×4-pin PWM hub for fan speeds is excellent addition from the manufacturer which we like and appreciate. The modular cable management system is really handy and I have a hard time waiting to install the rest of the components and test it out with gameplay. The bottom line: Dark Base 700 is a good silent case with a nice interior and exterior design that is easy to install and use.

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Corsair Carbide 275R
Corsair Carbide 275R (Image credit: Amazon)

Corsair Carbide 275R

Best minimalist PC case


Form Factor: | Mid-tower ATX Motherboard Support: | ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX Card Length Supported: | 400mm (15.7 inches) Storage Support: | 2x 3.5-inch, 3x 2.5-inch Included Fans: | 2 Dimension: | 460 x 211 x 455mm (WxHxD)


RGB underflow the front panel.

Clean lines, curved edges with soft white accent lighting.

One of the best compact mid-tower ATX cases

The acrylic window model is cheaper than tempered glass.

Effortless builder-friendly internal layout design

Built-in cable routing with grommets

Low profile quiet gaming case


Not for a trio fan GPU with a length over, 370mm.

Thermal performance is average

The Corsair Carbide 275R is one of the most popular PC cases on the market. It’s sleek, the black design looks great, and is a breeze to work in. The case comes for compact builds and can house up to two 3.5″ drive bays and four 2.5″ SSD drive bays, as well as a modular layout that allows you to customize your build very easily. We have explored the interior of Carbide 275R and were impressed to find its cooling capacity; it can support up to 9 expansion slots, we have no doubt it can house an RTX 3070 graphic card with a length of 370mm, and a CPU cooler of height 170mm.

With a sleek and pleasing design, the Corsair 270R case has the dimensions of (H x W x D) 455mm x 225mm x 460mm which are not so big and not so small, making it an ideal choice for anyone willing to spend of a modern budget-friendly PC case. The use can vary and what we understand it can hold a large 360mm water block on the front and a 240mm on top and a small footprint radiator of 120mm at the rear end. If you have no plans for water cooling in this chassis, we have a preferred cooling with up to seven fans.

This includes the two included fans; one SP120 Black fan at the front and a similar type at the back, which we can use with additional installation of custom fans, we can house two more 120mm PC fans at the front to make it three and similarly on the top of the case we have the option of either a single 140mm case fan or three x 120mm fans for optimal airflow, while the rear is okay with stock 120mm fan. Other than this, front I/O is decent which is decent for the $80 PC case to offer. It includes 2 x USB 3.0 ports, a power button, and a power reset along with a headphone and mic jack.

We like how it looks, clean and minimalistic, even with RTX 3070 Ti it’s just the right amount of cooling. The front panel has a large window that allows you to see the inner workings and maintenance of your system, it is also illuminated for easy access at night. We were a little disappointed in the lack of air filters on the case, however. The list of features is impressive, but the overall build quality feels a little cheap. The front panel window has a tendency to fog up and the paint was chipping off of the case in some areas.

Carbide 275R might be the ultimate minimalist case, what we can describe as one of liked best-looking cases we have ever seen. It has a clean, minimalist look that is elegant and unassuming. The front panel window is made out of tempered glass and illuminated so you can see inside your system while it’s running. It is a compact mid-tower PC case that can accommodate many different types of builds. It has the most appealing exterior that we want to see on our desk without itching the feeling of an outdated design, which is common in most cases with many or more fancy looks.

The included fans are also high-quality, and the case has a built-in RGB lighting system that makes it look amazing. The front window will also make you want to show off your build. This case is built for avid gamers, and it comes with a windowed side panel for easy access to the motherboard and graphics cards. What we liked is the clean exterior and decent interior design with enough room for storage and all other components with worry-free cable routings. Overall, the Corsair Carbide 275R is a great choice for those looking for a stylish and powerful PC case on a budget.

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MSI MPG Sekira 500X
MSI MPG Sekira 500X (Image credit: Amazon)

MSI MPG Sekira 500X

Most expensive PC case for gaming


Form Factor: | Mid-tower ATX Motherboard Support: | ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, E-ATX Card Length Supported: | 400mm (15.7 inches) Storage Support: | 4x 3.5-inch, 3x 2.5-inch Included Fans: | 5 Dimension: | 530 x 232 x 545.5mm (WxHxD)


Good breath room for components.

Ample airflow

Premium PC case with ARGB fans.

Good for custom liquid cooling

Pull out radiator tray


No Fan control I/O

Expensive case

MSI MPG Sekira 500X offers a lot of features for a gaming case, but does it deliver? We took it for a spin to find out. The MPG Sekira 500x is MSI’s first gaming case that supports that is superior to our expectations, after the release of MSI MPG Sekira 500G. We like how it looks, the Sekira 500X brushed aluminum chassis with two hinged swing doors and 4mm thick tempered glass, which ensures window durability and viewing capability. We like how MSI improves its design with each new figurative entry of a PC case.

We were overwhelmed by the MSI MPG Sekira 500G case and assumed that the new line would be similar, but we were pleasantly surprised to see the all-new design of the MSI Sekira case 500X, which built to our expectations of a gamer-oriented chassis with all the best appearance, RGB glow, and ample airflow. The Award-winning mid-tower Sekira 500X is the most innovative, sophisticated gaming chassis with teh support of EATX, ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards.

This has pre-installed two 200mm fans being vertically aligned, air is evenly drawn in across the entire face of the enclosure, helping to keep your system at suitable temperatures. The 545.5(H) x 530(D) x 232(W) mm dimensions are easy to work with and take less time to build a complete system that runs cool and looks impressive. There is plenty of room for a full-size GPU of 400 mm (15.75 inches) in length while can house a 170 mm (6.69 inches) tall CPU cooler.

The maintenance is great and we are good to equip an ATX PSU base of 200mm (7.87 inches) for our hungry components. Now moving to the airflow, we see two fans come installed with the chassis there is room for 2 x ARGB Fans on top 120mm or 140mm, while the front and rear areas are occupied with large 200mm RGB fans. If you go with radiators, the MSI Sekira 500X allows up to 280mm radiator cooler at the front, an extra-large 360mm radiator at the top, and a tiny 120mm at the rear.

This means that you can install two graphics cards, one with a water block along with the CPU water cooler. When it comes to airflow, the MPG Sekira 500x is impressive with a large exhaust fan and intake fan, which should provide plenty of air circulation. The only downside is that there’s no fan controller included, so you will have to manually adjust the speed of each fan. The specs for the GPU in our test unit were RTX 3070 Max-Q. The GPU isn’t the fastest on the market, but it should be more than enough for the intended use of this case. In terms of cooling, the MSI MPG Sekira 500x has a very large array of fans helping it maintain the ambient temperature with continuous airflow.

As a sleek, all-metal case MPG Sekira 500X offers excellent cooling and plenty of room for expansion. It’s perfect for gamers and system builders looking for a high-quality case with an eye for detail. We’ve put it through its paces, and you can get it tested by yourself, the design speaks of quality and performance. What we liked about the MPG SEKIRA 500X has a clean, simple exterior design with plenty of room for expansion slots, hard disk drives, and a couple of PCIe slots. It looks great, but it’s also built to last.

The Sekira 500X is a top-notch case for both gamers and system builders. We received the “black” version, which you can see above and comes in a hefty package with the MSI logo on it. Inside the box, we found the case itself, a manual, a bag of accessories, and three zip ties for cable management. The front I/O is included with a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port which is rated for up to 10Gbps speed, four USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, an audio-out jack, and a tiny mic-in.

There is also decent space for drives including the 3 x 2.5″ bays and 4 x 3.5″ drive bays, also compatible with 2.5″ SSD drives. Overall, it’s well-equipped with cooling, space, and even lighting and it can hold a large variety of components. What we liked most is the futuristic design with plenty of room for cable management, which makes it an easy choice for those looking for a stylish and powerful PC case.

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Lian Li Q58 PC Case
Lian Li Q58 PC Case (Image credit: Amazon)

Lian Li Q58 PC Case

Best SFF gaming PC case


Form Factor: | Small Form Factor ITX Motherboard Support: | ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, E-ATX Card Length Supported: | 400mm (15.7 inches) Storage Support: | 4x 3.5-inch, 3x 2.5-inch Included Fans: | 5 Dimension: | 21.48 x 9.13 x 20.87 inches (WxHxD)


Best mini-ITX chassis for gaming

PCIe 4.0 riser cable for vertically mounted GPU

Can support up to 325mm long radiator

LED and fan hub on-board

Hybrid side panels, mesh, and glass

Good thermal performance


Little tight on cable management.

Not for custom liquid cooling

For the smallest PC case, the Lian Li Q58 PC Case is hard to beat. This little beauty packs a punch, with plenty of room for expansion and great airflow. It’s one of the few PC cases that can accommodate a Mini ITX motherboard, and it also comes with a window and mesh, seriously a masterpiece of a PC case for small builds. What we liked, this case is small enough to fit a Mini-ITX motherboard and settle with all of your SFX components with ample airflow and up-to-date design. It’s also compatible with a fully modded for water cooling on the top for the CPU while enough stretched to equip a full-length GPU with straight airflow through mesh shrouds.

We find Lian Li Q58, the most modern-looking best Mini-ITX case that is constructed with high-grade aluminum with dual mesh and glass exterior followed by the modern requirements or beefy graphics cards to cool down without risking the large space under or on the top of your work desk. This has everything we have wished for, the design is aesthetically pleasing and rugged, and features swappable hinged glass and mesh panels for easy fo access to the internal components. Lain Li can not be more user formerly than including the PCIe 3.0 and PCIe 4.0 riser cables for vertically mounted GPU.

The support of up to 325mm long radiator on the top is ample for tireless cooling, and 4 storage drive mounting locations, which are enough for tiny chassis to make you comfortable with all teh extended storage, which is also swappable. The most interesting features we are loved to see are the clean cable management but tricky and included LED and fan hub which can be flipped from the Lian Li logo plate at the rear to access. It supports 3 PWM fan headers and 3 led headers without dealing with cable clutter.

In our testing and work with Lian Li Q58 PC Case, we can say that it is the best ITX case on the market, it comes with a small glass window that allows you to show off your components while maintaining its airflow with a hybrid design which features swappable hinged glass and mesh panels for quick access to inside components. Another thing that favored easy builds is Included PCIe 3.0 and PCIe 4.0 riser cable for vertically mounted GPU and included LED and fan hub for out-of-box controls.

The Lian Li Q58 gaming PC case is a great option if you’re looking for an airflow-rich case that supports a large radiator. The case comes with four fans, making it easy to keep your system cool and quiet. Our test results show that the Lian Li Q58 can handle overclocking and high-end graphics cards with ease. Overall, the Lian Li Q58 is a well-designed and excellent choice for a gaming PC case. The Lian Li Q58 is an SFF case that offers excellent cooling and airflow with a tiny tempered glass side panel that is alongside a mesh panel.

Overall, the Lian Li Q58 is a compact computer case with enormous versatility for something great that can reach its full potential without wasting your space. It is a great choice for those who want a stylish, well-designed small case with excellent cooling capabilities. We recommend this case to anyone looking for modern SFF builds, this is exceptional with a modular two-tone design, that is detail-oriented for flexible cooling and immersive with a 3-slots GPU support. It’s quite impressive for what you pay for quality even the tight room for cable management is negligible.

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Antec Torque PC Case
Antec Torque PC Case (Image credit: Amazon)

Antec Torque PC Case

Best open air pc case for gaming


Form Factor: | Mid-tower ATX Motherboard Support: | ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, E-ATX (up to 12″x11″) Card Length Supported: | 450mm (17.7 inches) Storage Support: | 1x 3.5-inch, 1x 2.5-inch Included Fans: | None Dimension: | 621 x 285 x 644mm (WxHxD)


Modern high-end open-air chassis.

Premium aesthetics

Excellent cooling

Tough aluminum build


No fans and RGB lighting

Only two storage drives are included.

Not for stealth builds.

Very heavy with 14.25kgs

Antec Torque PC Case series is designed for modern gamers who want a stylish and fancy case. The Torque offers a good and versatile chassis for custom PC building with an open-air design – which makes PC builders to able to accommodate any type of build with vast boundaries. We tested the Torque best open air pc case for gaming to see if it would be a good option for building a fancy, modern gaming PC. The Antec Torque is well-built and comes in a roomy space to accommodate most builds, including multiple graphics cards and CPU coolers, and water cooling loop systems.

The class-leading thermal performance chassis, with an aluminum alloy construction and superbike styling, will stand out on your desk. Torque appears to be an impressive performance system build and commanding mid-tower with a forward-tilted motherboard position that is featured for performance-heavy builds with no cooling or cable management restrictions. Side panels are made of 4 mm tempered glass to showcase your internal components in all their glory.

We think it’s a must-have for great cooling. On top, you can install three 120mm fans or a 360mm radiator for water cooling. The placement is the same on the front side. The chassis is broad and clean, making it ideal for any type of custom build. If your budget is limited, this can be good with a high-quality CPU cooler with a maximum cooling capacity of 215mm, and also pair an extended large size GPU of 450mm with a compatible EATX, ATX, and MATX motherboard.

The 621 x 285 x 644 mm (DWH) dimensions are vast for both components and airflow, but we recommend going with liquid cooling for better management of space and easy installations. The functions are perfect with high-quality anodized aluminum panels that are corrosion-resistant, for unrivaled durability. The front I/O is accessible for quick reach with standard controls, including USB3.0 x 2, mic and audio jack, a power key, and a type-C USB3.1 gen port.

Additionally, the case has an open design for plenty of airflows and allows easy access to all of your components. However, we did find the case to be a bit on the noisy side, which could be an issue if you plan on using it in your living room. The Torque features seven expansion slots, which is plenty of room for any build that merges precision-cut glass, aluminum panels in high contrast crimson, and gunmetal to bring an augmented experience to your desktop.

Overall, with the aggressive lines, there is plenty of room for all the big PC hardware, we are happy with the motherboard clearance of 37mm which is higher than similarly designed alternatives. The case also has two pre-installed fans to help keep the system cool. As we mentioned above, the case has an open design that allows you to install your components in a variety of ways. We find its design for modern gamers who want a stylish and fancy case without spending a fortune. In conclusion, the Antec Torque is a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish and affordable modern gaming PC case.

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Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2
Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 (Image credit: Amazon)

Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2

Best full tower case for gaming with dual system water-cooling


Form Factor: | Full-tower EATX Motherboard Support: | ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX, E-ATX, SSI EEB Card Length Supported: | 480mm (18.8 inches) Storage Support: | 4x 3.5-inch, 11x 2.5-inch Included Fans: | None Dimension: | 240 mm x 580 mm x 560mm (W x H x D)


Spacious gaming case for comfy builds

Suitable for both air and water cooling

Best as dual water cooling on CPU & GPU

Can house two motherboards: one mini ITX

Space for secondary PSU

No problem for cable manages

Excellent thermal performance

Support up to four big GPUs

Protected with dust filters

Value for features


No extra screws, no zip ties, and no fans included

Barebone case for great custom builds.

Not very silent.

Phanteks is a company that specializes in high-end PC cases and components. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 is one of their latest cases, and it’s a powerful tool for gamers and overclockers alike. In this Phanteks Enthoo Pro II review, we’ll take a look at the key features of this case, as well as its performance. It’s a full tower PC case that’s popular among enthusiasts for its excellent cooling, which is possible with up to 15 fans and a liquid cooling solution.

Unfortunately, the Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 does not come with accessories for user assistance. You don’t have any fans or a dedicated SSD cage. If you can afford the aftermarket accessories, you can have an incredible build tailored to your preferences. It will be simple for your budget to go for water cooling radiators for both the processor and graphics or to install a CPU cooler and a full-fledged graphics card with a 480nmm length. This is a huge benefit for PC builders looking for extra headroom and management.

The case provides expensive storage space for everything. The excellent housing can accommodate four 120mm or three 140mm fans in the front, four 120mm fans on the sides, and three 120mm or 140mm fans on the top, with room for a rear 120mm or 140mm fan. Because the design is raised, three 120mm or 140mm fans can be mounted on the bottom. This makes the Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 an excellent choice for gamers and overclockers who require high-end features and specifications.

This case comes equipped with a variety of cooling options, making it capable of accommodating high-end hardware while remaining stable. Additionally, the spacious interior allows for plenty of storage space and cable management capabilities. We like how Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 becomes one of the most popular cases on the market for PC builders. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a versatile and well-made case that will provide excellent airflow and cooling performance.

There are no included fans but you can add more than a dozen from the best available on the market, to be able to keep your system running smoothly. The case comes with modern aesthetics, so you’ll be able to customize it to your liking. Its cooling performance is also quite good, but the price tag is a little high. If you can afford it, this is definitely a great choice for a stylish and customizable PC case.

It can support a card length of 19.8 inches as a unique chassis, and the new fabric mesh front looks really nice, especially when you get close to the case. The testing of Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 offers a bit more than the rest of its price range. It is available in different finishes, so you can choose your favorite color and customize it to your liking. The case comes with plenty of features and a high-quality design that will last for many years. It is not just an ordinary case, but a gorgeous and well-built PC case. Overall, the Phanteks Enthoo Pro II is an impressive case, exceeding all our expectations.

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Buying Guide For Best PC Cases With Tips

These are the quick shopping tips we’ve compiled for gamers to choose the Best PC Case for a good trade. The list is recommended for purchasing decisions so that you can buy a timeless PC case with most features.

Different Types Of Gaming PC Cases And Which Case Is Best For A Gaming PC?

There are many different types of gaming PC cases on the market.  Some are designed for gamers who want a powerful machine that can handle the most demanding games, while others are more compact and portable for people who wish to build a work computer for office work.

There are also a variety of different materials used in gaming PC cases, from aluminum to plastic to tempered glass, which distinguishes them from one another in terms of aesthetics.

When thinking of a gaming PC build, one of the most important factors to consider is the motherboard size. Some cases can only accommodate certain motherboard sizes, while others are more versatile.

If you’re not sure which motherboard size your case can accommodate, you need to check the case specifications for more data.

How Many Different Types Of Computer Cases?

There are four different types of personal computer cases and each one is the best in its class for high-performance workstation builds. However, there are two main types of gaming PC cases that offer a lot of flexibility and expansion for GPUs, CPU coolers, and airflow with multiple fan and radiator options.

Four Types Of Computer Cases

  1. Full Tower Cases: (E-ATX Cases)
  2. Mid Tower Cases: (ATX Cases)
  3. Mini-Tower Cases: (Micro ATX Cases)
  4. Small Form Factor Cases (SFF): (Mini-ITX Cases)

Two Of Gaming Specific PC Cases

1. Full Tower PC Cases

They are large and offer more space for lots of cooling components and robust gaming hardware.

2. Mid Tower PC Cases

They are reasonably compact medium-tower cases that can fit in small spaces with the same caliber gaming components.

Choose Your PC Cases Size For Motherboard

The size of the PC case does not necessarily matter. However, if you want to maximize your PC’s performance, it is important to choose a PC case that is compatible with your hardware, especially the motherboard size, that will be E-ATX: for large cases, ATX: Mid Tower cases, Micro-ATX: for comparable for medium-sized case, it can be a mid-tower case, and finally the Mini-ITX: compatible for smallest PC cases, such as SFF and SFX cases, and all others types.

When shopping for a PC case consider the size of your computer, the components you will be installing, and the amount of space you have on your desk. Other than that, the most popular PC cases are the Mid-Tower Case category which is typically 23 inches wide by 17 inches deep by 7.5 inches high or less; In comparison, the Full-Tower Cases are 24 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 8 inches high or more; while the Mini-Tower Cases are around 17 inches width x 11-inch height x 5-inch depth, and Netbook Cases also know as SFF range from 10-inch width x 6-inch height to 13-inch width x 9.75-inch height.

Design And Aesthetics: (Black Minimalistic) or (Stylish With RGB)

PC Case’s looks are important because it sets the tone for your computer. If you have a sleek, professional computer that looks great, you can present a serious impression of a work computer rather than gaming. Conversely, if your computer case is dated and lacks any visual appeal, people may not take you seriously even if your hardware is of high quality.

There are many different PC cases with more subtle and minimalistic to more fancy and stylish appearances for vivid impressions. This is the option your can personally select. You can go for something sleek and modern with RGB fans and a glass panel on the side to show off expensive hardware. It really depends on your personal style and preferences. Ultimately, choose a case for your hardware cooling with a glare of modern whimsy so it works great and looks and feels right for you.

RGB Lighting Or No Lightening (Fancy Or Silent Case)

PC Cases RGB lighting is the latest trend from RGB fans to LED strips. Some come pre-installed with LED strips and LED Fans, while others spare the position for the user. In most PC cases, there is a balanced approach, which means you have a couple of fans and a maximum of an RGB strip, while there is an option to add a water cooling block with RGBs pre-installed or a CPU cooler for a similar experience.

By adding RGB lighting to your case, you can create a unique and personalized look for your system. This addition can help you stand out from the crowd, making your system more visually appealing. There are a variety of PC cases that include RGB lighting, so be sure to choose one that will fit your style and needs.

Some of the most popular PC cases with RGB lighting include the Corsair Obsidian 350D and Thermaltake View 71 TG. Both of these cases come with several built-in LED strips that can be controlled through software or hardware options. If you want to go the extra mile, our reviewed PC cases also include built-in fans that use RGB LEDs to create various colors and patterns.

Best Budget PC Case Or Extreme Chassis For Powerful Hardware

PC cases come in all shapes and sizes, with prices that can vary greatly from the lowest to the maximum budget you have. There are some general rules of thumb when it comes to calculating the cost of a new PC case.

  • First and foremost, the size of your system is important. Larger cases will typically cost more than smaller ones.
  • Second, you have to factor in what features the case has, as the fan hub and RGB controller cost will also be included in the MSRP.

In general, more of the best PC cases are also expensive and have better cooling and ventilation systems, while others include lighting or built-in storage racks.

You should have considered your budget for overall components, from a choice of a processor, and RAM to the motherboard, and also manage it for a proper cooling system.

It can extend your budget for a gaming PC when you go for a dedicated GPU over integrated graphics for intensive gaming. So, when you consider your budget, you may be able to get a good one for less money if you are willing to compromise on certain features or sizes.


Today’s gaming rigs are becoming more and more powerful, requiring better cooling for those powerful processors and graphics cards. With all that heat coming out of the PC case, you want the best possible airflow to keep your components running at their best. There are many factors to consider when choosing a PC case. Airflow is one of the most important, as poor airflow can lead to overheating and other problems. You also want a case that is color with RGB LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular in high-end cases, letting you customize your system any way you like.

In every genre of customizable PCs, the best PC cases are one of the most important pieces of hardware you’ll ever buy. Not only do they protect your computer and keep it running smoothly, but they also add an extra layer of style and convenience to your computing experience. So why not invest in a good case? Here are 8 reasons: A good case will keep your computer safe and keep all cables tidy up. It will protect your computer components from bumps and bruises with well-built quality, as well as dust and scratches.

It’s worth spending a bit more on a quality case, especially if you tend to be clumsy or work with your computer in high-traffic areas. In other aspects, a good case will increase your productivity. This makes sense when you have a solidly built PC case that can act as an extra level of protection for your machine, ensuring that it doesn’t get damaged during transport or storage. PC Cases are a big part of any computer enthusiast’s life. You need to find the perfect one for your needs, and that can be difficult.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the newest cases on the market and testest, and compared their features with quick builds. This lets us know the biggest change in PC cases to benefit from an incredibly strong and light chassis, which offers great housing for great PC hardware with many control sensor LEDs and fans hubs, meaning that your machine will look great even after being through a lot of abuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is open case PC good?

Open case PCs have been around for a while now, but they are still relatively new. They have a lot of benefits, but there are also some potential downsides to open air cases. We have reviewed the Antec Torque Case which is a beautiful-looking PC enclosure that offers plenty of room for cooling accessories and hardware. Will discuss the pros and cons of this incredible open case PC to help you decide if it is good for you. The main benefit of an open case like Antec Torque is more flexibility than traditional PC designs. This means that you can customize your PC exactly how you want it. You can also change the components that are included in your PC with less effort, which allows you to get the best performance possible. One potential downside to open case PCs is that they can be more expensive than traditional PC designs. Additionally, open case PCs may not coupe with your interior and dust is the enemy of open cases. So finally, our conclusion for open PC cases depends on your needs, if you prefer fancy looks for reliability, you can go for it.

Is Corsair a good brand for cases?

Corsair is one of the most recognizable names in PC hardware, and for good reason. The company has a long history of making high-quality products, and their cases are no exception. There are a few things to consider when choosing a Corsair case. First and foremost, you need to make sure that it fits your needs. You don’t want to buy something that’s too small or too big, because you’ll end up using it only halfheartedly. Corsair also makes a variety of different cases, from budget-friendly options to high-end BDS (build-in water-cooling) platforms. Ultimately, you should consider what you need and what you’re looking for in a case. If you’re looking for something flashy and new, Corsair may not be the best option for you.

Are full tower cases worth it?

A full tower case offers gamers a lot of storage, cooling, and protection for their components. However, do full tower cases actually offer more benefits than cheaper mid-tower cases? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of full tower cases to help you decide if they are really worth the extra money. The biggest benefit to buying a full tower case is the amount of storage it offers. A mid-tower case typically only has room for one or two graphics cards and one or two hard drives. A full tower case, on the other hand, can usually accommodate four graphics cards and three or four hard drives. This means that you can have more storage space for your games and electronics. Another advantage to owning a full tower case is the amount of cooling it provides.

What PC case has the best airflow?

PC gaming is a popular profession and competitive sport, which is the reason many gamers want the best possible experience. One way to improve airflow and reduce heat build-up in a PC is to choose a case with good ventilation. Here are some of the best cases for airflow we’ve reviewed. Phanteks Eclipse P360A and Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact cases have excellent airflow thanks to their large fan openings and mesh front panels. Other than that the best silent PC case is Be Quiet Dark Base 700, which offers great looks and has several modularity options, so you can customize it to your liking. It’s available in black. For small ATX cases to make use of tough space on your desk, there are the O11 Dynamic and the Lian Li Q58 PC cases, both are a great option if you’re looking for good airflow compact PC builds. Overall, these all cases can opt for more than six fans and supports radiators of 360mm for throttle-free performance for long-hour gaming.

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