Thermal Paste

Thermal paste, also known as heat sink compound, is a material used to improve the heat transfer between two surfaces. Thermal paste is most commonly used on computer processors and graphics cards, but can be used on any device that produces heat. The paste fills in the microscopic gaps between the two surfaces, which allows for more contact area and improved heat transfer.

Thermal paste comes in many different varieties, but the most common type is a silicon-based compound. There are also ceramic-based pastes and metal-based pastes available, but they are not as common. The main difference between these different types of thermal paste is the thermal conductivity – the ability to move heat from one place to another. Silicon-based pastes have a low thermal conductivity, so they are not ideal for use with high-powered devices.

The Best Thermal Pastes Thermal Paste

The Best Thermal Pastes

When building a new gaming PC or upgrading your current workstation rig, one of...

By Robert Miller