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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a heavy or light mouse better for gaming?

That is a question that has been asked countless times by gamers of all ages. Some people believe that a heavier mouse will give them a more comfortable and stable feel while gaming, while others feel that a lighter mouse provides better precision. But we are personally in favor of lightweight mice for gaming, it comes down to personal preference, you can have comfort for long usage. If you are new to gaming, it might be best to start off with a lighter mouse until you get the feel for how it feels and works in your hand.

Does your mouse affect your aim?

There is a lot of debate surrounding how your mouse affects your aim in gaming. In general, the increased speed, DPI/CPI, and acceleration speeds matter for your actions, and the precision at which you move the cursor can cause you to headshot, bullseyes’. A regular mouse can’t get you that level of performance and make more mistakes, while it lags to maintain the high-resolution gameplay. The truth is, gaming mice are special for additional side buttons, more precision, and unquestionably more robust for active controls, while RGBs may appear amusing as a factor of gaming peripherals, tweaks seem to have an impact on your game performance, consider adjusting your speed and number of settings in multiple profiles for a custom experience.

Why is a lighter mouse better?

A lighter mouse is a better option for those gamers who generally travel a lot, which also brings the question of wireless compatibility to reduce tangling fatigue. If you have small hands, a lighter-weight mouse is a better option for grip, speed, and accuracy. It is now common for both wireless and wireless gaming mouses to come with trimmed weight for both big and small hands for a preferred feeling. This may be personal but what we’ve learned is lightweight mice are an e-sport favorite for long gaming sessions.

Does a good gaming mouse matter?

A high-quality gaming mouse is perfect for both gaming and editing, even for general purposes it is important to navigate smoothly with precisions. Some people find that a great gaming mouse enhances their experience, while others say it is overkill for casual users. If you are a gamer, adding a proper gaming mouse to your setup will suffice your response time in FPS games while providing smoothness of extensive DPI for your higher resolution monitors and comfortably provide aiming when playing shooting games where precision mouse matters.

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